by Long Comets

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released January 16, 2017

All songs written & recorded by Max Kinder & Alex Martin
Mixed & mastered by Session Leopard [sessionleopard.com]
Cover artwork by Alex Martin
Our love and thanks to Natalie Scicluna, Lucy Costello, Paul Kinder, Matt Marlow, Tim Lloyd, the Comet Line and Dad of the Long Tooth
© 2017 Long Comets



all rights reserved


Long Comets Oxford, UK

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Track Name: Stile
You pulled apart a pose
I won’t pretend I practiced
With the sort of smile that sends me
Pleasantly to pieces

You see I sort of want to say
I sense the start of something
Someone somewhere once
Called special

Live your dash
But not in a hurry

Popular delusions and the pull of the crowd
Will help you suffer the ‘what if?’ and the ‘how?’

And if it’s so we find ourselves afloat in space
Sharing air with none to spare
Sure to perish
I’ll cO2 you, cO2 me
Breathing you to death is not so bad

Live your dash
But not in a hurry
Live it in style
Track Name: Tier
When purpose is a metaphor
A useful, but oft twisted metaphor

It’s easy to muddle and it’s easy to slip
When you’re sludging around in primordial shit
Just lie with me a little while
I don’t want to blow it

There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip
I don’t know what I’m doing to not have time for anyone any more

Sometimes I want to be tempted
Or I may as well just do it with myself
Because sometimes I want to be tempted

I’ve fallen in love with a reflection of me
With all this flesh that’s a survival machine
A, T, C, G – that’s you and me

Who cares? I care
God you’re lucky
No reason not to believe
What luck
Track Name: Balloon
Words to pore and pry apart
Swim between and sink your teeth

I’m sorry you leapt you small red seller
I’ve not read about you, just noticed the header
Pavement pounders, you’re smithereens
Young good looking villain

Lethal dose, pumped to convulsion
I can only assume we’d already sussed him

Manoeuvre around

A princely pen pal with sage advice
Plugging herbs that will save your life
A princely pen pal blaring advice
Track Name: Replicator
Swallow your words
Muddle along
Follow the flow

Tunnel below
Colour anew
Bottle a few

Whaddya know?

Replicate, replicate, replicate

Bodily glow
Cut in the loop
Sloppily choose

Forward a thought
Caught in a bind
Give up the ghost
Track Name: Ascendling
He’s often low

You bury your head to save your face
Worry, muscle atrophy
Stubborn, foot down

Lacking one bound jackory, kick up the dirt
Curl your toes and clench your fists
Boy that hurts

He’s often low
Now you are getting older
Track Name: Hiatus
Eyes adjust to the light
Take a moment
A clammy hands seeks relief of the bones that
Are not there
That were there

Do I call or question location?
The art of hoping I don’t see you again
Do I care?
I don’t care


While softly you tip toe
Is this pleasantly parting?
Are you brewing or burning?
We were writhing and yearning

Glazed and weary of guilt before regret
Wistful stretching in bed that’s now double
Grasping and clawing, it’s slick while we’re panting
Then sling round the sheets like we’re shy at the party
Please don’t stare

Caught with a red hand
We freeze in the headlights
The laughs and the giggles were coloured with amber
I was there
You were there
Track Name: Lucid
Engine’s cold before you know
You lose control
No, no go slow
Hearts and minds
You wonder why they give a damn

Since we left our home
You’re never alone
Our value is tied to staying high

Stay lucid
And aim within the lines
You chose this
You’re in and out of time
Don’t lose it
You’ll see the fault decline

Gather love and hold your tongue
You’re under fire
No, no go slow

Break them down and
Tear apart the lengths to which
No, no go slow
Track Name: Falling
You’re not falling

Take the hand
You saw the sound
It’s in demand
Burst from the ground

Separate the soul
Split it, shuffle, roll

Simple steps
Are all to take
With little risk
The promise breaks
Caution leads to no reward
Except we might be falling
Track Name: Hope
Cause to action
Harm on KM
Ask a stupid question again

Educate a friend you don’t like
Bury frowns and shouts with bright eyes

Racing to be home

Missed a chance to make right what’s wrong
Hasten to add, we’re not yet done

Asked for help but met with silence
Eyes turn, bounced off, glass turbulence

Bad advice from deep drunk strangers
Steal love from your married neighbours
Letters penned with best intentions
Father’s hand upon your shoulder
Track Name: Seasons
Cling to coat tails of echoes of greatness
Comfort in the desperate hold for dear life
Orator to imitate, to irritate a mountain giant

Dress you in the best fitting melody
Let me down gently

Call these seasons
I call it cruel
Best intentions
I call them cruel
Wisdom or wit
I sit a while and wait
Never could whisper
I sit a while and wait